What are the precautions?

  • Avoid constipation.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Do not consume dry and hard food.
  • Have fibre rich diet. E.g. leafy vegetables, raw vegetables and fruits etc.
  • Consume 8-10 water soaked dry grapes before going to bed.
  • Drink a glass of hot water soon after you wake up in the morning.
  • Do not sit for longer time while passing motion & do not strain.
  • Sit in hot water for 10 mins if suffering from thrombosed haemorrhoids. Consult a surgeon soon.

Rules & Diet ( pathya) in Ano-rectal diseases:-

  • Following pathya during treatment is as important as the treatment.
  • Diet is for curing disease not for the medicine prescribed. One does not require treatment if diet (pathya) is properly followed. Medicines do not act if pathya is not followed properly.

Food which are to be avoided:-

  • Dry and hard items which are difficult for digestion.
  • Consuming food more than the requirement.
  • Excess meat, spice, fried items, chilly.
  • Alcohol & smoking.
  • Improperly cooked vegetables.

Prohibited actions:-

  • Sitting for long duration during passing motions.
  • Straining during passing motion.
  • Forcefully initiating motion.
  • Excess travelling, specially on two wheeler.
  • Sleep in the day time.
  • Sitting for the longer (during) duration in same place.

Recommended diet and rules:-

  • Use churned butter milk.
  • Drinking 1-1.5 lts of lukewarm water every morning.
  • Avoid indigestion & constipation.
  • Use- old rice, wheat, ragi, honey, amla candy, dry grapes, pomegranate, ripe banana, musambi.
  • Consume variety of vegetables after proper boiling.
  • Consumption of fibrous food e.g. carrot, cauliflower, radish, bitter gourd, ladies finger, spinach.

Regular mild exercise:-

Yogasana like: -

  • pavana muktasana.
  • Ardhapavana muktasana.
  • Pranayama & etc.