World first case reported and treated complex anal fistula by ksharasutra therapy Click here: Details

Dr. P Ramesh BhatBAMS, MS, DPh, PhD (B.H.U)

Born and brought up Udupi of Karnataka, Medicine Degree in Ayurveda (BAMS) at Koppa of Karnataka with First rank and Gold medal. Later he has done Master of surgery in Ayurveda at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, completed PhD at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Completed ‘Diploma in pharmacy’ at College of Pharmacy, KMC, Manipal. Presently working as Prof and Head of surgical services of Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Sciences and Research Hospital at Bengaluru. Know more about me

15 years of rich clinical experience in the management of diseases of coloproctology through Ayurveda

Treated more than 5000 patients of disease of colon, rectum and anus with high success rate.

Treated World First Complex and Challenging case reported ‘complex anal fistula with foot extension’ successfully by Ayurveda technique – ksharasutra therapy. Published in international journal of surgery

Presented paper on ‘Day care proctology in Ayurveda’ presented 1250 case study in ‘International conference on surgery’ at Las Vegas, USA. Considered to be the first paper presented in international conference about Ayurveda surgery.

Treated more than 1000 complex and recurrent anal fistula with high success rate by Ksharasutra

Treated more than 2000 cases of haemorrhoids by ksharatherapy without complications and with high success

Treated 300 cases of recurrent pilonidal sinus without recurrence as day care procedure (one case treated successfully 6 years back without recurrence previously underwent 14 times surgery in different hospitals)

Developed innovative techniques with high success rate in the management of ‘Anal fistula’

Developed unique and most convenient instruments used for anorectal surgeries.

Stared and fully established specilaty surgical centres in Karnataka Tamilunadu and Kerala and trained several Ayurveda Surgeons in the management of anorectal diseases.

Published Scientifivc papers in peer reviewed medical journals

Participated as Resourse person/ guest speaker in different national and international workshops and conferences.

Developed unique protocol and software for patient data management system and documentation in the treatment of patients of coloproctology.